02/12/20: There's A Petition To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Tennessee!

ByDolewiteFeb 12, 2020

Legalize Marijuana Tennessee Target: Tennessee, USA

Legalize Marijuana Tennessee Target: Tennessee, USA SIGN THIS PETITION Welcome back, Dawn! Not Dawn? Click here. COMMENTS

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Action by: Dawn Harrington


It's not my job to push any kind of political agenda on you, however, it is my job to know what issues you're passionate about. Last week on the show we discussed the legalization of recreational marijuana in Tennessee and in 18 years on this station, I've never seen the phone lines blow up quite like they did when this issue was brought up. The answer was overwhelming YES, marijuana should be legalized. Literally EVERY call said yes. Moreover, we had an online poll on the Beat's Instagram page and out of hundreds of votes, only one person said no. For those of you that believe in legalization, I wanted to pass this info on to you. There's an online petition for legalization floating around and if you feel so inclined, sign the petition, and more importantly, share the info with your social media following. The petition reads: When we passed community-based alternatives to incarceration for primary caretakers law, we travelled around the state to hear from Tennesseans to see what they wanted to change. The answer was overwhelmingly clear, Tennesseans from far west to far east and everywhere in between, want to legalize marijuana. Now is the time to let your voice be heard. A law to legalize marijuana is being proposed on a state level and the legislators who vote for it are up for reelection this year. You have the power to make it happen. Sign this petition, contact your legislator, let them know your vote depends on their vote. Legalize Marijuana TN - it's about time! & Join us at the Marijuana March 4/20 at the Tennessee State Capitol. You should be able to click the "Add Your Name" banner above to sign the petition, but if all else fails, CLICK HERE

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